What a cat knows about feminine qualities

What a cat knows about feminine qualities
"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that." - Pippi Longstocking

Hello you beautiful people,

Today I would like to share a lesson, the cat taught me about feminine qualities. Lately, I’m totally into female empowerment and male and feminine characteristics. It’s not that men only have male and women have only female energies. No. As a matter of fact, we all share a little of everything. The following chart is taken from the “Feminine Power Course” by Claire Zammit. I learned a lot during this online course and can highly recommend it.

However, neither side of these characteristics are better than the other. The trick is to incorporate them both. Or become aware of situations when we’re out of balance.

Male and Female EnergiesWhat a cat knows about feminine qualities

So what does a cat know? And how does she know? Does she acquire knowledge through mental thinking or does she learn through intuitive knowing/feeling?

Our cat loves to take a stroll on the balcony. She sips on the rainwater collected by the floor lights. She checks the planters for new green sprouts. And whenever she proceeds to the closed balcony door, the door magically opens.

Now you could argue that she simply has trained her humans well. That she is thinking that the guy who know how to handle the can opener, knows how to open a door. I mean that would be super cool and make her super clever. It would mean that she is aware of the fact that we humans have the power and she is demanding us to use it.

No disrespect, I love our cat, but the evidence doesn’t support that thought. After 19 years for instance, she still hasn’t figured out how not to step onto cat litter with wet paws. So no, she doesn’t learn by thinking. And no she doesn’t know that we humans hold the magic wand. However she is super cool and genius. Because …

The confident trusting way she walks

The confident way she walks towards that door lets me suspect that she just knows and trusts that it will open within the next 10 seconds. And sure it does. And that is one of many lovely feminine qualities. She intuitively knows that her endeavour will be supported by a power she can’t comprehend. She doesn’t worry. She just surrenders to being and flows through her life. She sets a clear intention and then doesn’t waver for a moment in her sure and steady decision. I told you so. Genius knows her feminine qualities. Her name is actually Spice but she wouldn’t mind if you would call her Genius, I guess.

My takeaway

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could trust life like a cat does? If we would stop worrying so much about how to open doors and just start knowing that everything will be alright? Wouldn’t it be fantastic just to command a higher power stronger than us to support our adventures? Just to leap blindly forward and getting to where we want?

So how about strengthening our feminine qualities of setting intentions, believing in it and surrendering to the outcome. No control or perfection needed. Let’s do it like the cat. Let’s be a lightening rod that can conduct power. Share with us how you find the balance between masculine and feminine powers.

Happy Monday

Yours Tanja


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Thank you Paul_ via Unsplash for this beautiful cat photo

What a cat knows about feminine qualities by
Tanja Knapp
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