Unclog drain with baking soda environmentally friendly

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Out of sight out of mind.

Do you use harsh chemicals to unclog drains? How that effects your health.

Becoming healthier can be accomplished in so many little ways. You can make better food choices. You can go to bed earlier. You can watch more funny movies and laugh more. You can schedule an evening with a friend. And you can eliminate unnecessary household chemicals and reduce your exposure to toxins.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 80,000 chemicals are in use today. If you got your blood and urine tested today, it is very likely that around 300 environmental chemicals would be found. Even newborn babies are not spared from the burden of toxic exposure. Often more than 200 chemicals are detected in umbilical blood.

Our body has to deal with foreign chemicals found in the food we eat (e.g. pesticides, GMO), water we drink (e.g. chlorine) and the air we breathe. In addition the bad bacteria in the body (gut) can produce their own toxins, which adds to the mix of toxicity the body has to deal with. Toxins in the body can manifest in

  • cancer
  • infertility
  • Parkinson’s
  • fibromyalgia
  • allergies
  • mood changes
  • diabetes type II
  • autoimmunity and
  • hypothyroidism just to name a few.

Eliminating unnecessary household chemicals is one simple trick to make yourself and the world a healthier place.

Today lets pick a fight with drainage cleaners and learn how to unclog drain with baking soda environmentally friendly. We usually store household cleaners all the way back in the cabinet. On the back of the drainage container it has this nasty orange looking sign – a skull and crossbones. It means DANGER! It’s HARMFUL! Don’t let your children get close to it. It has this Drain cleaners chemicals dangerousprotective cap that only opens after three unsuccessful attempts, because you have to push and turn counterclockwise at the same time. When you finally get to pour half the bottle of this expensive toxic liquid down the drain, you are advised to leave the room immediately and most definitely not to breathe in any of the vapor. After a couple of hours you are asked to let water flush it away. If the sink is still clogged, the label on the container recommends repeating the same procedure. And eventually the mission “unclog drains” will be accomplished. If you were very careful, wore gloves, didn’t breathe and rinsed enough water on it, chances are good that you were not exposed to any of the chemicals. Good for you, right?

But flushing a bottle of toxic chemicals down the toilet or the sink doesn’t mean they are gone!

Wastewater treatment plants CAN’T remove everything we pour down the drain and some of it reaches the environment and shows up in your tap water. I don’t think anyone enjoys birth control pill residue with his or her tap water? How about some leftover drainage cleaner chemicals? Your tap water looks clean and smells freshly chlorinated? Good for you? I don’t think so.

Natural drain cleaner So your next contribution to a healthier you and a healthier environment is very simple. You check if you have the following environmentally friendly and cheap ingredients at home. Baking soda and white distilled vinegar. If not then put them on the shopping list, now. And go for the bigger bottle of white vinegar. You might find more uses for it in the near future on this blog. Next time you have to unclog drains in your house or apartment you take these two ingredients and unclog drains as follows.

How to unclog drain with baking soda and vinegar environmentally friendly

  1. Pour ½ cup* of baking soda down the drain
    (make sure area around the drain is dry so the baking soda won’t react with water outside the drain).
  2. Pour ½ cup* of white vinegar down the drain.
    Now you’ll witness a fancy foam coming out of the sink. You could contain this reaction to the inner plumbing by stuffing a rag into the drain. But it’s not necessary. Some people advise to heat up the vinegar before adding it into the sink. I had great results with the way mentioned above.
  3. Let it do its work for 5 minutes and then rinse sink with hot running water.
  4. Voila, clog is gone!
  5. Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, landlord, and strata council about this great tip to unclog drains and save money and becoming healthier.

* Amount may vary depending on the seriousness of the clogging situation.

It’s environmental friendly!
Clog is gone! No harm done to you and the environment. Great job!

It’s versatile and effective!
Use the same method to maintain your drains on a regular basis. White distilled vinegar is effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity. Stay tuned for more uses of white vinegar.

It’s save!
You don’t have to shuffle your kids into a save place during the procedure. This is the formula that teachers use to entertain students with a spitting volcano in chemistry class.

Read here how to reduce toxins on a daily basis.

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If she is not busy writing, running, swimming or cycling, she is expanding her knowledge, exploring the World, and taking on new challenges.

She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with an Honors diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. She obtained a Hospitality certification in 1998 and a Marketing Communications diploma in 2004. She has worked both in Europe and North America.


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