The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need

New Years Resolution Find Happiness

The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one New Years Resolution that would fit everyone? How is that possible? After all New Years Resolutions are so different. Lose weight, build confidence, eat healthier, exercise more, stress less, learn a new language, find a new job or travel more. How can there be just one resolution that works for all of us?

Well, why do we make New Years Resolutions in the first place? Let’s get to the bottom of this weird custom that somehow seems like such a brilliant idea in the month of January but loses its appeal by February.

New Years Resolutions are self-improvement projects.

By the end of the year a poignant mood creeps over us. We reflect what was awesome in 2014 and what didn’t go so well.

All of a sudden (I guess with the support of a cold bubbly beverage) we have this clear vision of us living a better life in the glorious future of 2015. For some mystical reasons THE path to reach this goal is sooooo obvious on New Years Eve that we ask yourself, why didn’t I think of this before.

Unfortunately by the end of January and THE path becomes more and more cloudy and we simply can’t quite feel why this was so important to us on New Years Eve.

I guess we all have been there. But let’s not talk about what went wrong in February.

Let’s talk about what combines our New Years Resolution.

I think stripped down to their core they all have one common heart: finding happiness.

  • I want to lose weight because I then will ………… (enter your reason here), which eventually will make me happier.
  • I want to build confidence because I then will …….. (enter your reason here), which eventually will make me happier.
  • I want to exercise more because I then will ………. (enter your reason here), which eventually will make me happier.

So basically we all have the same New Years Resolution on our list, which is FIND HAPPINESS in all the infinite ways that there are. Don’t you think this is super cool?

The ultimate goal in life is being happy.

New Years Resolution Be happy. Life is too shortOh I know. It sounds easier than it is. Finding happiness is 1,000,000 times tougher than finding Nemo in the vast underwater universe.

However, I believe that our amazing bodies have an inbuilt GPS tool for finding happiness that we sadly ignore too often: our inner voice.

Don’t you agree? How often have my rational thoughts or judgment talked me out of things that I really wanted to do or didn’t want to do?


  • I really would like to go out tonight,      but I have to wake up early tomorrow.
  • I should drink more water,       but I don’t have time to think about it.
  • I would love to get a massage,      but it’s too expensive.
  • I really want to join that choir,      but I can’t sing.
  • I’d love to ask him out for a date,      but he will refuse.
  • I should eat healthier,     but I don’t know where to start.
  • I really want to quit this course,      but what will others think of me?
  • I need to get into shape,      but I don’t have time.
  • I’d like to socialize more,      but my boyfriend will be jealous.
  • I like the pink curtains,      but the neighbors will think I’m crazy.
  • I don’t want to bungee jump,      but if I don’t everyone will laugh at me.
  • I’d like to admit that I’m weak,      but I can’t lose that kick-ass reputation.
  • I would like to say that I haven’t figured it out,      but then my colleagues would think that I’m stupid.

Our inner voice (thoughts) tells us what our intuitive desires are. But at the same time our inner voice nullify our desires with excuses why we CAN’T and that process starts with the word BUT.

Initially we know what we want but rather act according to what we think we “should” want. So therefore the only New Years Resolution we all just might need to follow is:

Scrap the word “BUT” and follow your inner voice more often.

And this is basically what the core of my blog “making Ernst” is about. Me trying new things and learning to live without retentions and excuses.

“Making Ernst” stems from the German words “Ernst machen”, which means “stop just thinking/talking about it, let’s do it. Let’s get down to business.” Small, realistic changes will make you a happier and healthier person.

In case you still want to work on your long list of New Years Resolution, read here some tips about How to succeed with resolutions.

Wishing you all health and happiness.

See you in 2015.

Happiness comes from your own actions


The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need by
Tanja Knapp
About the Author
Tanja Knapp

Tanja Knapp is an Explorer, Adventurer and Happiness Hunter currently camping in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Her roots are in Germany where she grew up on a remote farm. A colony of abnormal cells in her cervix taught her the lesson that would change her life forever. Life doesn't get better by chance, it get better by change. She truly believes in creating happiness & health through constant adapting, growing and evolving. Her super power is curiosity. With her blog she likes to inspire others to explore uncharted territory.

If she is not busy writing, running, swimming or cycling, she is expanding her knowledge, exploring the World, and taking on new challenges.

She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with an Honors diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. She obtained a Hospitality certification in 1998 and a Marketing Communications diploma in 2004. She has worked both in Europe and North America.

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