Unclog drain with baking soda environmentally friendly

unclog drains vinegar baking soda no chemicals

Do you use harsh chemicals to unclog drains? How that effects your health. Becoming healthier can be accomplished in so many little ways. You can make better food choices. You can go to bed earlier. You can watch more funny movies and laugh more. You can schedule an evening with a friend. And you can eliminate unnecessary […]

Weight gain and brain fog are signs you might need to detox

Brain fog, detox

After this crazy event Germans really should be detoxing. On November 11th at 11:11 am of each year a hard to explain event, starts in Germany (and I guess in Austria and Switzerland). It’s called “Fasching”, “Karneval” or “Fastnacht” and is considered the 5th season of the year. A mock government of eleven guilds along […]

Are you still serving pesticides with your dinner?

Organic, pesticides, The Dirty Dozen

Working on a potato harvester requires fast decision making abilities. If you care for every little piece of produce that soil creates, this might be a challenge. My mom especially wanted to rescue them all. The small ones, the huge ones, the buckled ones, and the ones, that living creatures of the field had already […]