How I got a 4-year old kid eating Kohlrabi without a bribe

kids having fun eating vegetables

The amazing story about the Kohlrabi caper First of all I would like to assure you no child was harmed or any force needed for me to write this blog post. Neither was the Kohlrabi hidden fraudulently between two big slices of Marshmallows or was cut into tiny unnoticeable pieces and mixed into spaghetti Bolognese […]

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar?

sugar sign

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar? I’m a nutritionist. So from all the people in the world I should know better. And I do. And you do too. Sometimes it just seems so hard not to. I’m talking about sugary gifts. I know that refined sugar carries absolute zero health benefits. […]

How to succeed with resolutions

new years resolutions by making ernst

How to achieve success. According to statistics at the beginning of March only 8% of us that came up with a brilliant New Year’s resolution actually succeeded. Congratulations and more power to the 8%. But why is it so freaking difficult for the rest of us? We want it all. And we want it NOW! […]