27 things you can do for a daily detox

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Ok, after this blog post we are now a little suspicious, that a toxin build-up is responsible for our weight gain and brain fog. What you can do for daily detox. First of all we can try to reduce the amount of new toxins coming in. That will give the body some time to catch […]

How to succeed with resolutions

new years resolutions by making ernst

How to achieve success. According to statistics at the beginning of March only 8% of us that came up with a brilliant New Year’s resolution actually succeeded. Congratulations and more power to the 8%. But why is it so freaking difficult for the rest of us? We want it all. And we want it NOW! […]

Orange juice nutrition: Why you should rather eat real oranges

Orange juice nutrition

Orange juice nutrition: Why you should rather eat real oranges We are in Yorkshire, England in the early 1920’s. Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey enjoys a glass of orange juice with breakfast for the first time in her life. Like always brand new ideas are first discovered by the American’s and then exported to Europe. […]

22 Things you can do to get your butt moving

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“What makes Olga run?” by Bruce Grierson is a book I recently enjoyed reading. It’s about a 90-something Track Star Olga who lives in Vancouver (*) and what she can teach us about living longer, happier lives. Let me quote: “…. The difference in health benefits between sitting stock-still and walking across the room to […]

Can you be healthy without being fit?

Fit and healthy are two separate things Can you be NOT fit and healthy at the same time? When you hear the word fitness you might immediately think, please spare me your advice in regards in participating in sporting activity. I have no time. I hate sport. I always was terrible in sports. I just had […]