Sitting is the most unhealthy thing we do and killing us

Sitting: The most unhealthy thing we do You might want to stand up for this. Sitting is the most unhealthy thing we do, considered the new smoking and killing us, even if we train for a marathon or exercise regularly. Bummer. An article from TIME magazine warned us: “Your workout may not mean a lot […]

26 Reasons why you should learn to swim like a pro

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Holy dolphin! Who would have thought that athletic swimming requires such coordination? From my occasional self-testing experiments I know that a dive from the pool deck gone wrong can result in enormous back pain. Or that a self acquired front stroke can resemble the paddling of a dog in the water. Well, whatever. Until a […]

22 Things you can do to get your butt moving

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“What makes Olga run?” by Bruce Grierson is a book I recently enjoyed reading. It’s about a 90-something Track Star Olga who lives in Vancouver (*) and what she can teach us about living longer, happier lives. Let me quote: “…. The difference in health benefits between sitting stock-still and walking across the room to […]

Can you be healthy without being fit?

Fit and healthy are two separate things Can you be NOT fit and healthy at the same time? When you hear the word fitness you might immediately think, please spare me your advice in regards in participating in sporting activity. I have no time. I hate sport. I always was terrible in sports. I just had […]