What might have gone wrong when you’re experiencing a gastritis attack after digging into a delicious buffet

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“The road of excess leads to the places of wisdom.” – William Blake

Which way is it to the buffet?

Gastritis attack? I’m guilty. Take me to a place where they serve a buffet and I will argue that I need to taste everything in order to be a fair judge. I paid for all of it so I better stuff my face and tummy and get my monies worth. And it will help me get over the next hours of starvation until my next meal will be served.

The last time I dug into a buffet I left a reminder in the notes of my phone alarming me “Never ever do this again!” But somehow my memory is erased and I can’t quite figure out why I would write such a silly thing. Well, there is only one way to find out.

Here is the scenario: I had no time for breakfast this morning. It was the morning after a night out which included an extensive cold beverage dinner. I just needed the extra sleep. It’s a busy morning in the office and starvation sets in by the time lunch comes. I’m in luck there is this networking lunch buffet available. The deep fried mini-shrimp, corn dogs and onion rings look very appealing! Oh, mini-sliders on white bread with jalapenos! Tuna-egg and German potato salad washed down with some sugary ice-tea. And how can you resist anything that mingles around this chocolate fountain like donuts, strawberries, and marshmallows…. This is heaven! At the same time my stomach is in hell.

Gastritis attack! How can my stomach not be delighted with such a meal? Let’s investigate what went wrong.

  • Not eating over a long period of time and then having too much food at once is a dreadful combination.

    Think of yourself. All day you have nothing to do, the phone doesn’t ring. All of a sudden shit hits the fan. A workload is dumped on your desk, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and everything has to be dealt with NOW. Admit it, it’s hard to maintain a smile and positive attitude in that scenario.

    It’s just natural that our stomachs also struggle in that situation. A lot of food means a lot of churning. Fill a glass up to the rim with water and then try to dissolve your vitamin C powder without spilling. So it’s no surprise that when our stomach tries to mix the food with acid, things might shoot back up through the esophagus causing irritation and inflammation.

  • Eating in a stressful situations means harder work for our stomach.

    Basically we should pick a side. Either be stressed (and don’t eat) or be relaxed (and eat). Our body is pretty awesome in multitasking. Still it has to set priorities where our blood and its nutrients are needed. When we’re in a stressful situation our brain and muscles win the battle of blood distribution which means our digestive system gets only the amount of blood it needs to survive. Needless to say that does not include the amount of blood flow that is needed to digest food or absorb nutrients properly.

  • Drinking with meals dilutes stomach acid.

    That is why bad people in movies who are giving their victims an acid bath do not dilute the bath with water. They want to get the job done as quickly as possible and get out of town. Diluting our stomach content with lots of water turns digestion into an inefficient process. It’s like nursing a campfire but feeding it with wet logs. Drinking liquids is a good thing but not with your meals.

  • No time for chewing.

    By the time we’ve reached the buffet table we were close to fainting. We better give our teeth a day off and chew only the really hard stuff a few times. Unfortunately with that we’ve missed the very first and super important step of digestion. Mixing food with saliva not only ensures a smooth passage down to our stomach but it also mixes food with digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes and the action of our teeth break food down, so our digestive system doesn’t have to overwork.

  • We eat everything but the kitchen sink at the same time.

    We can’t resist the opportunity to enjoy a piece of each food group that is put in front of us. Spicy jalapenos, sugary dessert, fat dripping onion rings, and several sources of hearty protein. The combination of food might not matter to you but it matters to our stomach. Sugars (carbohydrates) are digested in the mouth and intestines. They pass through the stomach quickly. Proteins and fat remain in the stomach for several hours. The trouble is, if we mix it all together the carbohydrates have to wait until the stomach is done with the fat and the protein. There is no queue jumping for the carbohydrates. And that is a bad thing because then bacteria, yeast or other microorganism are having a decompose party in our stomach which leaves us with gas and bloating. Not so funny.

You are only as healthy and efficient as your digestive system. The digestive system is the shipping and receiving department of our body. The guys that work there might get minimum wage but they decide if the produce is turned into gold or crap. So if we want our body working efficiently we have to start listening to our stomach. If our stomach is having trouble and is sending signals like heartburn, indigestion, belching, gas, bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea then it is time to change something. Think twice about when and what you’re sending down to shipping and receiving.

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What might have gone wrong when you’re experiencing a gastritis attack after digging into a delicious buffet by
Tanja Knapp
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