Last-minute gift: Mandalas – coloring pages for adults

Mandala coloring less stress
Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

Coloring pages for adults are super hip. In fact these colouring books are flying of the shelves. It doesn’t matter where the shelves are located. The Indigo bookstore on Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Save on foods also on Marine Drive. The vegan Buddha Full Cafe in my neighbourhood. Six of Amazon’s top 20 books are coloring pages for adults. The Relay supplies store at the London airport carries them. Even Galeries Lafayette in Paris has a calendar with 365 pages to colour. Where ever I go, Mandalas – coloring pages for adults – are already there.

Mandalas – coloring pages for adults

Not sure if they are following me or if I just have become aware of them. However, the first time I was introduced to Mandala designs was only two month back during my Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. Irene, our art instructor, encouraged us to colour pages with these geometric patterns. And as a matter of fact, this exercise was and is truly super relaxing. I’m absolutely zoning out while pondering important questions like should I use pink or rose for that part or should I colour the opposite site of the mandala in a totally different color? Every day worries disappear mysteriously while concentrating on the task at hand.

Health benefits of Mandala designs

Chances are high that I lag behind with my excitement for these colouring pages for adults. You probably know already everything about them and have sent out all your home colored Christmas cards in Mandala designs. Maybe you have also wallpapered your kitchen with Mandala designs and put your creative work to use while wrapping your kids lunch in Mandala paper.

I admit, they fit perfectly the Christmas theme – these pretty Mandala snow crystals. The sudden spike in devouring mandalas – and therefor crayons – comes with health benefits.

  • First they seem to open up our creative channels which is always appreciated.
  • Secondly they have the effect of a pacifier which is always welcome especially during the stressful Christmas season.
  • And thirdly they seem to unlock the far away stored boxes in our subconscious brain with all the happy childhood memories. As you might know I’ve become very excited and curious about my subconscious brain lately. So can you pass the yellow, please?

Read what The Huffington Post has to say about the coloring pages for adults. Huffington Post: Why coloring could be the new alternative to meditation

Two mandalas to print

So if you are an early adapter, then please pass some uncoloured mandalas to people in need. If you don’t know anything about mandalas and haven’t found any uncoloured mandalas lately in your mailbox (what does that say about your neighbours?), then please feel free to practice on these two mandalas to print. According to sales number chances are very high that you may get your own first mandala book with coloring pages for adults for Christmas.

Have fun & Happy Holidays,



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Coloring pages for adults


Mandalas to colour

Last-minute gift: Mandalas - coloring pages for adults by
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