Your Investment

Why you should invest in your health and happiness and hire a nutritionist?

“Health is the new wealth. Health brings you lasting happiness money just buys you stuff.”

You probably have talked to an investment banker of some sort about saving money for retirement. And they came up with a brilliant plan how to invest your money to increase your wealth. As a result you can enjoy your life and retirement years worry free. This is also the day when you finally start doing all the fun things you always wanted to do.

Another situation may be that you have a large family and hopefully grandchildren in the future. Ideally your children will visit you and look after you when you are elderly. They will carry your groceries, lift you out of the bathtub, comb your hair the way they think it looks pretty and decide what you’re having for dinner tonight.

Well, the statistics nowadays do not paint a pretty picture, that either of your strategies will necessarily work. By the time you’ve reached retirement, it is very likely that you will suffer from either diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis or ulcerative colitis, just to name a few. So you probably will have to spend your hard earned money on medical bills and treatment. In addition you may not have the physical ability to enjoy the activities you postponed for retirement.

It doesn’t look much better for your children or grandchildren. A third of American children born after 2000 will get diabetes. In Canada 26% of children aged 6 to 11 are overweight or obese. The percentage rises to 28% for Canadian teenagers and a staggering 61% for Canadian adults. Your children probably will have difficulties looking after themselves, never mind their parents.

Poor eating habits, lifestyle choices and obesity are the starting blocks of disease. Your doctor might treat this onset of disease just with prescribing a pill. A nutritionist will work with you on a diet and lifestyle plan that can reverse your symptoms and might prevent you from falling in one of the categories mentioned above. Health does not come down to genes. It comes down to how good you take care of yourself. Therefor you have to be aware of symptoms and the early signs of imbalance, which could be digestive upsets, pre-diabetes, insomnia or other sources of discomfort or pain.

Be smart and ahead of the trend. Start making an investment with a healthy return today. Do not wait any longer. Just like your investment banker didn’t promise you wealth over night, there is no magic solution that will generate better health over night. A nutritionist is an integral part of achieving better health and happiness.

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