Hire Ernst

A. Writing and blogging

Hire Ernst for online writing jobs with compelling content about health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, mind and holistic traveling. For inquiries please send me an email: CONTACT

Currently I’m a contributor to CalorieSecretsLower Lonsdale and Holistisch-Gesund-Leben.de (German) .


B. You cannot heal others until you heal yourself

We are beginning to take responsibility for your own health. And that is great. We are more than just bones, tissue and organs ruled by a master brain. Keep asking questions. I encourage you to explore what alternative treatments can do for your health & happiness. Find books that interest you. Find practitioners that resonate with you. Drop me a line or connect on Facebook if you need help in “How to get my health & happiness journey started.”

Diet, nutrition, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic medicine, mediation, energy-healing, there is an endless array of things you can try.

A holistic approach addresses all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

I love being on my path and I guess all individual pathways will lead to the same place. Until we meet there, I would love to inspire you with my findings and stories here on my blog MakingErnst.


A holistic way to health