Drink more water: The most important nutritional support we can give ourselves

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"Water is the driving force of all nature." - Leonardo da Vinci

We all know we should drink more water because it is essential for our health. But how much water should we have?

Especially now with hot summer days approaching to drink more water is crucial for your well being. The magic number of 8 glasses is more of a guideline than a proven scientific number. But we’ve all experienced a stretch of not drinking enough liquids, which turned your mouth into the Gobi desert. At that stage drinking water becomes the most delicious thing you can imagine.

Water is essential to life and all bodily functions. Take sprouts for instant. You can store the little seeds for ages in your cupboard. They stay dormant until you let a little water float around them. Water makes things come alive!

After oxygen, water is the second most important nutrient in your body. You probably can’t hold your breath for longer than approximately 3 minutes. Depending on your whereabouts you will survive about 3 days without drinking water and about 3 weeks without eating.

65% of your body is made of water.

Think about it, almost everything that leaves your bodies is liquid. Pee, tears, saliva and blood. 65% of your body is made of water. Followed by
17 % proteins
12 % fat
3 % minerals
2 % carbohydrates
1 % vitamins.

The skin is 80% water.

Think how awful our faces looked in the morning after a night out drinking. Alcohol dehydrates. If you want clear, radiant, younger looking skin, drink pure water.

The brain and the heart are composed of about 70% of water; blood is 83% water.

You can’t think straight or you may faint with too little water in your system. Fainting is your body’s emergency procedure where our will is overridden by your body’s survival mechanisms. When your body is in a vertical position it is easier for your heart to pump blood containing oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

Digestive juices are 86% water.

Does anyone complain about digestive issues? Does your body have what it needs to build digestive juices? Water is the fundamental component to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Water should drip into us like an IV.

I was astonished at the increase in energy I felt once I focused on to drink more water. But it takes effort. I’m busy with other things. Drinking water then easily slips my mind. When my inner alarm system goes off and tells me that I’m thirsty, I have already passed the optimal point of refueling my water storage. So the solution to that problem is we have to hire a water assistant. Someone who reminds us to have a sip of water on a regular basis. Because our bodies need for water is consistent. It should drip into us like an IV. Drinking 2 liters of water in the morning doesn’t do us any good and just stresses our kidneys.

Earlier I suggested you monitor your poop for health reasons. Now I recommend you monitor your pee as well. You are there anyway. Why not hit two birds with one stone? If your urine is pale yellow and clear throughout the day you’re fine. Keep doing what you are doing. If your urine on the other hand is strong smelling or dark yellow, you might want to take some stress off your kidneys. Start a new routine. Instead of a coffee break, meet like-minded colleagues at the water fountain and start to drink more water.

Strategies to increase your daily water intake, without hiring a “Remind me on drinking water assistance”:

  • fruit lemon waterDrink a glass of water with the juice of half an organic lemon first thing in the morning. Just like the street cleaning in your community, the cleaning process in your cells is done over night. All your metabolic waste has been delivered to your intestinal tract and waits for a final flush. You can do this with drinking water. The extra splash of lemon will not only provide you with an infusion of nutrients but it also encourages healthy digestion.
  • Leave filled water bottles at your favorite spots. One bottle on the desk, one bottle in the car, one bottle in the kitchen, one bottle on the coffee table next to your reading chair, one bottle in your bag. Every time you see one of the water bottles take a sip or two.
  • drinking water bottleIf you think you will do fine with the one bottle approach, find a bottle (preferable glass 500 – 750 ml) that you love and write time lines with a marker on it. You start with 9am on the top and by noon your goal is to finish the bottle. Then do it all over again and aim for emptying the water bottle from 1pm to 6pm.
    See example in the featured image. My sister made that picture for me 🙂 Looks so professional! Thank you, Sanne!
  • If you love electrical devices and want to put them to work, set the alarm on your phone every hour to remind you that you should drink more water. Choose a tune that makes you smile. And for sure someone will have though of that before and created a drinking water app just for this purpose.
  • water glass bottle with fruitYou dislike plain water? Brew some sweet tasting licorice tea and make your own ice tea. Add some vitamin C powder or coconut water. Or create your own flavored water. Submerge fruits and veggies in your water with some ice cubes. The following pairs will make your co-workers jealous:
    – English cucumber and lemon
    – Watermelon and mint
    – Ginger and pineapple

When you should not drink more water

  • Don’t eat and drink large amounts of water at the same time. Water dilutes your stomach acid and weakens the digestive process. Leave a 20 minutes window before and behind your meals. A “Jaegermeister” (digestif made with bitter herbs) on the other hand, might aid digestion just fine after a meal.
  • Don’t drink water that smells like chlorine. Tap water is probably chlorinated (and in some areas fluoridated) by the municipality. Chlorine kills bacteria, including the beneficial bacteria in you intestines.

What is your favorite water formula made of? What aids you in drinking water? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for these hot topics to come:

  • Why you should consider not drinking water from the tap, especially if it smells like chlorine
  • Water is not water – The difference in quality of drinking waters available
  • Pros and cons of bottled water
  • Ways to purify our water system such as reverse osmosis, steam distillation or acid-alkaline electrolysis
  • Clean water a fundamental right? All I do is waste and pollute it.
Drink more water: The most important nutritional support we can give ourselves by
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