“I sweat a lot” and the link to the toxic mineral aluminum

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“I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances out all the other toxic stuff I put into my body.” - Rihanna

Toxins like aluminum contribute to a wide range of ailments.

Becoming healthier does not only include destinations like your kitchen or a trip to the gym. Your cells love nutrient dense foods, they fire up their engines when you exercise and they are thankful if you spare them with some extra task like dealing with unnecessary garbage, in the form of toxic minerals. If you say, “I sweat a lot” aluminum toxicity might be one possible explanation.

Aluminum is found in table salt, baking powder, pancake batter, and cake mix.

We are all being exposed to toxic minerals and heavy metals and not only in the environment. Aluminum (sodium aluminum phosphate) for instance is used as an emulsifier in processed cheese. Aluminum (potassium alum) is used to whiten flour and it’s added to common table salt to help it run freely (sodium silicoaluminate). You can also find it in baking powder, pancake batter, cake mix, commercial oatmeal and pickles. It can also leach into your food by cooking with aluminum utensils or using aluminum foil.

The amounts we are getting into our bodies thru the “main entrance” our mouth is small. And if your digestive system is functioning well chances are that most of it gets eliminated via the kidneys. If your digestive system on the other hand is not on top of its game, aluminum can get into the blood stream and has the potential to accumulate in your body. As you know, every household is only allowed to put a certain amount of garbage onto the street on garbage day. The same goes for your cells. If too much aluminum garbage accumulates, the excess gets deposited in various tissue like brain, heart, liver, spleen and muscle. Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

The biggest sources of aluminum you should worry about most are toiletries like antiperspirants or over the counter medication like aspirin and antacids.

In case of your deodorant: you put this refreshing smelling liquid under your armpits, right there where some of your lymph nodes are – a crucial part of your immune system. The active ingredient – the aluminum compound – plugs your sweat ducts temporarily, which is appealing to you. And because your pores are not a one way street, some of the aluminum might get absorbed without passing the security check of the digestive system first.

In case of the antacids: if you rely on antacids on a regular basis, then this is a clear sign that your digestive system is not working well and aluminum might get absorbed in higher amounts.

Why antacids don’t necessarily help with digestion and in the long run might jeopardize our health

I sweat a lot. A possible sign of aluminum toxicity is excessive sweating.

So, now back to the fact “I sweat a lot”. A possible sign of aluminum toxicity is excessive sweating along with gastrointestinal irritations, skin problems, and lack of energy. I have a client that had excessive sweating during bedtime and after many visits to the doctor and various tests we discovered that the sweating stopped after he switched to deodorant that didn’t contain aluminum compounds. Of course there are other reasons that cause night sweating as well.

If you search the web you also can find rumors that state that aluminum toxicity is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

A step to a healthier and happier you is to prevent aluminum buildup in the first place:

  • Shop for aluminum free deodorant. Browse here at http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ for recommendations, ask your drug store sales attendant for aluminum free toiletries or find boutiques like www.greenaby.ca that are dedicated to natural, organic body care products.
  • Abstain from using antacids and improve your digestive power (stay tuned for suggestion here at MakingErnst.com)
  • Do not use common table salt; sea salt is a great option.
  • Replace cookware with stainless steel, ceramic, or glass.
  • Avoid refined foods, refined flours, baked goods and processed cheese.
"I sweat a lot" and the link to the toxic mineral aluminum by
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