About the courage it takes to make a wish become reality

courage to make dreams true
“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – Grace Hopper

About the courage it takes to make a wish become reality.

Until now it was nothing else but an idea. An idea about having a blog with the main topic health and happiness. I could toss this idea around in my head, stretch it, turn it, and do funny things with it. No one was listening, commenting or criticizing. Very cool.

As of today, these days are over. This idea of a blog has become reality. It feels like I’ve being caught by being silly behind a big curtain on a stage and suddenly someone pulled the curtain away. Approximately 1.000 pairs (panic makes you exaggerate) of eyes glare at me with high expectations. My heart seems to drop into my stomach and fear arises. I am afraid of the rejection of my readers, I fear that no one will be interested in what I have to share.

I feel vulnerable.

There are tiny little people in my head telling me to stay on the safe side of the curtain, where no one can insult or criticize me. My ideas will be out there for all to see. There are many valid reasons to stay on the safe side of the curtain but I feel that it’s time to step into the spot light. I am German and I will have to express my ideas in a second language. What can I write about that others have already discussed in multiple ways. Why should someone listen to me? Maybe I’m not good enough and should go back to school and keep studying.

Initially the idea of going back to school was appealing to me. Then I reminded myself that I have a degree from hospitality school and in marketing and communication and graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and had become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Not to mention all the work experience I gained in both North America and Europe. How many more years did I have to wait? Didn’t I study enough and have enough knowledge? I suddenly realized just like Socrates, the more I learn the less I know and I never ever will feel that I know enough. So going back to school was not an option. I had to do make the move now. I wanted to turn my wish into a reality, to make a positive difference in peoples lives. I would have to leave the protective dark, embrace vulnerability and

have the courage to be imperfect.

Fortunately I have people around me that encourage, support, proof read and guide me through the jungle of blogging. If I fail they are my safety net. Trying something new in life becomes less risky with a safe harbor you can always return to.

I would like to be that harbor for you if your goal is to become healthier and happier. I would like to be your safety net and the one that applauds the loudest when you step out from behind the curtain onto the stage.

We can’t be afraid of change. If you are not happy and healthy, then you need to change something because what you are doing is not working. However you have to be brave and committed in your personal goals.

Watch this poignant and funny TED-Talk of Brené Brown about “The Power of Vulnerability”, which made me realize “I’m enough” and life doesn’t come with guaranties.

(Well Tanja, that wasn’t so hard after all, was it? Let’s get on with the show!)


About the courage it takes to make a wish become reality by
Tanja Knapp
About the Author
Tanja Knapp

Tanja Knapp is an Explorer, Adventurer and Happiness Hunter currently camping in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Her roots are in Germany where she grew up on a remote farm. A colony of abnormal cells in her cervix taught her the lesson that would change her life forever. Life doesn't get better by chance, it get better by change. She truly believes in creating happiness & health through constant adapting, growing and evolving. Her super power is curiosity. With her blog she likes to inspire others to explore uncharted territory.

If she is not busy writing, running, swimming or cycling, she is expanding her knowledge, exploring the World, and taking on new challenges.

She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with an Honors diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. She obtained a Hospitality certification in 1998 and a Marketing Communications diploma in 2004. She has worked both in Europe and North America.

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