22 things you can do to boost your immune system

How to improve immune system and increase immunity

How to improve immune system function. Every second of our life an army of hostile bacteria, viruses and fungi swarm all over our skin and invade our inner passageways in an attempt to consummate an unfriendly takeover. They seek our body’s resources for themselves and want to turn it into a hatching ground for future […]

8 superfood powders every (non)athlete should consider eating

superfood powders energy strong

Hey you. Yes you. Pssst! Not so loud. Why am I whispering? Well, come a little closer. Are you interested in green superfood benefits? Legal performance enhancers, that kind of stuff? I got wheat (grass) and all kind of different colored superfood powders. Have a look. My 8 favourite superfood powders Maca This beige magic […]

Sugar substitute – My favorite “healthy” natural sweeteners

Natural sugars and sweeteners

To make it clear right at the beginning. Just because my favorite sugar substitutes are considered “healthier” than refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, it doesn’t mean that we can indulge. After all, they are still sugars. There is nothing “healthy” about sugar, especially in large amounts. No matter the source. It is like the […]

German insights into a very real Canadian cottage life show.

Smores and other dangers of cottage life

It is Sunday morning and I’m trapped in deep forest that surrounds a lake with astonishing clear water. No, I’m not lost. This is part of my training. I’m adapting to the Canadian cottage life. Obviously Canadians love everything that starts with c. Camping, cottage, cabin, campfire, canoe, Canucks (hockey), … My first cold turkey […]

Why you shouldn’t go near tinned tomatoes or tomato sauce

canned tomatoes jar sauce organic

Tinned tomato sauce or tinned tomatoes are an indispensable food item. Not just when you’re in collage or university. It literally transfers any available produce immediately into an authentic looking Italian dish. A fresh spring of basil and some parmesan cheese on top e pronto! Verdura alla pizzaiola. Buon appetitio! There is a fine distinction […]