What a cat knows about feminine qualities

What a cat knows about feminine qualities

Hello you beautiful people, Today I would like to share a lesson, the cat taught me about feminine qualities. Lately, I’m totally into female empowerment and male and feminine characteristics. It’s not that men only have male and women have only female energies. No. As a matter of fact, we all share a little of […]

My first Ayahuasca ceremony or me experiencing total bliss

My first Ayahuasca ceremony

My first Ayahuasca ceremony. There I am. Sitting on a pillow, in a circle with nine other adventurous crazy people, somewhere in the pitch-black Amazon jungle of Peru. My conscious, my thoughts, my five senses Okay, that is weird. Apparently my taste buds are connected to the hairs on the back of my neck. Because […]

Peru experience part #2. What led me to drink Ayahuasca?

What led me to drink Ayahuasca

So, where was I? Oh ja. In part one of this story I just broke the truth that I decided to drink Ayahuasca. I hope you’ve commenced breathing by now. As you know, I made it back in one piece. So all is good. And before you guys slap your foreheads in dismay. I’m not a delinquent. […]

The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need

New Years Resolution Find Happiness

The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one New Years Resolution that would fit everyone? How is that possible? After all New Years Resolutions are so different. Lose weight, build confidence, eat healthier, exercise more, stress less, learn a new language, find a new job or travel […]

The power of receiving and giving compliments

Giving and receiving compliments

You simply have to love Canadian’s for their generosity in giving compliments. No envious looks when you’re enjoying both the last ray of summer and the comfort of a warm bum due to heated car leather seats. I’m on the passenger seat of a black sporty German engineered car. And I have to contain myself […]

How I got a 4-year old kid eating Kohlrabi without a bribe

kids having fun eating vegetables

The amazing story about the Kohlrabi caper First of all I would like to assure you no child was harmed or any force needed for me to write this blog post. Neither was the Kohlrabi hidden fraudulently between two big slices of Marshmallows or was cut into tiny unnoticeable pieces and mixed into spaghetti Bolognese […]

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar?

sugar sign

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar? I’m a nutritionist. So from all the people in the world I should know better. And I do. And you do too. Sometimes it just seems so hard not to. I’m talking about sugary gifts. I know that refined sugar carries absolute zero health benefits. […]

I have abnormal cells in my cervix. What’s wrong with you?

Health issues

Health responsibility. I know someone with back pain. The same person also has knee pain. Another friend is pre-diabetic. I know someone with insomnia, with acne, with brain fog. I know someone with a beer belly and trouble losing weight and someone with a herniated disk. I know someone with colitis and someone with Crohn’s […]