Jungle time traveling to 1995. Reliving my emotional trauma

Painting Anselm Kiefer, emotional trauma

First of all, I didn’t know that I was a traumatised person. Emotional trauma – I thought – was something that only happens to other people. The moment that I had become traumatised had slipped my conscious mind. I never would have thought that this incident of my late teens would still impact my today’s […]

7 Reasons why you should grow your own food

Grow your own food

Reasons why you should grow your own food Spring is knocking on our door. Our plum tree is excited as we are and full of blossoms. That eagerness reminded me of some dormant seeds that are patiently waiting in my cupboard for their turn. So it was time to get them out and to write […]

The secret to why we get sick in the winter

Why we get sick in flu season

Why we get sick in flu season. It’s that time of year – the flu season. No one is safe. They are everywhere. I’m talking about the nasty, deceitful, invisible, tiny flu virus bug that sneaks into our body’s cavities and creates an absolute internal disaster. Usually 2-4 days after invasion is when the real […]

Stop multitasking so you can get sh!t done

How to relieve stress stop multitasking be happy

Stop multitasking to be more productive? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? After all I thought I was the queen of multitasking! Listening to the news on the radio, playing poker on my smartphone, petting the cat with my left hand, balancing the massage ball between the floor and my left foot sole, slurping the homemade Kombucha thru […]

Is microwave food good or bad for you?

Convenient microwave oven

Is microwave food healthy? Is it or is it not? On days like this I wish I could have an advisory board of science professors living in my basement. While I’m still pondering and chewing on my upper lip the frozen blueberries circle the microwave unclear of their destiny. After 2 min it’s over. A […]

Cleanwater a fundamental human right? Do we deserve it?

Clean Water Drop

Cleanwater? My open water (ocean) swim class was cancelled twice due to an E. coli warning. E. coli? In the ocean? Imagine a thinker’s brow on my face and question marks bouncing in my brain. The E. coli I know live in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals. And I also know that wild […]

How amalgam fillings made an adult panic

mercury amalgam fillings denture xray

Amalgam fillings. “I don’t want you to freak out now,” says my better half, while having dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. But of course I’m freaking out because of two reasons. My worst nightmare just came true. I’m going to be completely tooth less before I reach the age of 40. Imagine that smile. […]

Unclog drain with baking soda environmentally friendly

unclog drains vinegar baking soda no chemicals

Do you use harsh chemicals to unclog drains? How that effects your health. Becoming healthier can be accomplished in so many little ways. You can make better food choices. You can go to bed earlier. You can watch more funny movies and laugh more. You can schedule an evening with a friend. And you can eliminate unnecessary […]