The power of receiving and giving compliments

Giving and receiving compliments

You simply have to love Canadian’s for their generosity in giving compliments. No envious looks when you’re enjoying both the last ray of summer and the comfort of a warm bum due to heated car leather seats. I’m on the passenger seat of a black sporty German engineered car. And I have to contain myself […]

Cleanwater a fundamental human right? Do we deserve it?

Clean Water Drop

Cleanwater? My open water (ocean) swim class was cancelled twice due to an E. coli warning. E. coli? In the ocean? Imagine a thinker’s brow on my face and question marks bouncing in my brain. The E. coli I know live in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals. And I also know that wild […]

Sugar substitute – My favorite “healthy” natural sweeteners

Natural sugars and sweeteners

To make it clear right at the beginning. Just because my favorite sugar substitutes are considered “healthier” than refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, it doesn’t mean that we can indulge. After all, they are still sugars. There is nothing “healthy” about sugar, especially in large amounts. No matter the source. It is like the […]

German insights into a very real Canadian cottage life show.

Smores and other dangers of cottage life

It is Sunday morning and I’m trapped in deep forest that surrounds a lake with astonishing clear water. No, I’m not lost. This is part of my training. I’m adapting to the Canadian cottage life. Obviously Canadians love everything that starts with c. Camping, cottage, cabin, campfire, canoe, Canucks (hockey), … My first cold turkey […]

How amalgam fillings made an adult panic

mercury amalgam fillings denture xray

Amalgam fillings. “I don’t want you to freak out now,” says my better half, while having dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. But of course I’m freaking out because of two reasons. My worst nightmare just came true. I’m going to be completely tooth less before I reach the age of 40. Imagine that smile. […]

How I got a 4-year old kid eating Kohlrabi without a bribe

kids having fun eating vegetables

The amazing story about the Kohlrabi caper First of all I would like to assure you no child was harmed or any force needed for me to write this blog post. Neither was the Kohlrabi hidden fraudulently between two big slices of Marshmallows or was cut into tiny unnoticeable pieces and mixed into spaghetti Bolognese […]

Why you shouldn’t go near tinned tomatoes or tomato sauce

canned tomatoes jar sauce organic

Tinned tomato sauce or tinned tomatoes are an indispensable food item. Not just when you’re in collage or university. It literally transfers any available produce immediately into an authentic looking Italian dish. A fresh spring of basil and some parmesan cheese on top e pronto! Verdura alla pizzaiola. Buon appetitio! There is a fine distinction […]