A perfect holistic day in Hoi An Vietnam

A perfect holistic day in Hoi An Vietnam lanterns

A perfect holistic day in Hoi An Vietnam 6:30am – To get up or not to get up It’s always the same when I’m on vacation. I’m in a quandary: to sleep in or not to sleep in. Three significant reasons vote for not getting up: Just because I’m on vacation and this is the […]

The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need

New Years Resolution Find Happiness

The only New Years Resolution you’ll ever need Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one New Years Resolution that would fit everyone? How is that possible? After all New Years Resolutions are so different. Lose weight, build confidence, eat healthier, exercise more, stress less, learn a new language, find a new job or travel […]

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon: Race report

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon on Dec 07, 2014 If I would be interested in what? Seriously? I guess your partner really regards you as a serious runner, when he constructs THE annual vacation around a race. So of course I was super excited, when he pointed at his computer screen with the announcement of […]

22 things you can do to boost your immune system

How to improve immune system and increase immunity

How to improve immune system function. Every second of our life an army of hostile bacteria, viruses and fungi swarm all over our skin and invade our inner passageways in an attempt to consummate an unfriendly takeover. They seek our body’s resources for themselves and want to turn it into a hatching ground for future […]

The secret to why we get sick in the winter

Why we get sick in flu season

Why we get sick in flu season. It’s that time of year – the flu season. No one is safe. They are everywhere. I’m talking about the nasty, deceitful, invisible, tiny flu virus bug that sneaks into our body’s cavities and creates an absolute internal disaster. Usually 2-4 days after invasion is when the real […]

Stop multitasking so you can get sh!t done

How to relieve stress stop multitasking be happy

Stop multitasking to be more productive? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? After all I thought I was the queen of multitasking! Listening to the news on the radio, playing poker on my smartphone, petting the cat with my left hand, balancing the massage ball between the floor and my left foot sole, slurping the homemade Kombucha thru […]

Cross fit workout with 58? Why age is no excuse.

Cross fit workout is anti aging

Why haven’t you tried a cross fit workout yet? Admit it. We all love great excuses. Especially the ones that keep us from exercising and getting sweaty. Great excuses also save us a lot of money, which we would otherwise spend on laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner or new running shoes. Excuses are awesome. And […]

Is microwave food good or bad for you?

Convenient microwave oven

Is microwave food healthy? Is it or is it not? On days like this I wish I could have an advisory board of science professors living in my basement. While I’m still pondering and chewing on my upper lip the frozen blueberries circle the microwave unclear of their destiny. After 2 min it’s over. A […]

The kombucha experiment: The day in a life of a SCOBY.

Experiment Kombucha Scoby

Guess what it is: It doesn’t like direct sunlight. It doesn’t like to be poked with metal. It doesn’t have a heart but is still alive. It’s like super old (two thousand years or so). It makes you sparkle. Na? Any ideas? Eric Northman the vampire from the TV-show “True Blood”? Very good guess I […]

8 superfood powders every (non)athlete should consider eating

superfood powders energy strong

Hey you. Yes you. Pssst! Not so loud. Why am I whispering? Well, come a little closer. Are you interested in green superfood benefits? Legal performance enhancers, that kind of stuff? I got wheat (grass) and all kind of different colored superfood powders. Have a look. My 8 favourite superfood powders Maca This beige magic […]