About Ernst

Making Ernst = embrace change to become a healthier and happier person

We all have one goal in common. We want to be happy. Whatever road we decide to take, the ultimate goal is the achievement of happiness.

You are unlikely to achieve your dreams and ambitions unless you have a healthy mind and body. If you’re plan is to earn enough money to retire comfortably, your body and brain has to be healthy and on top of the game. If you love to play with your grandchildren, your heart, lungs and muscles have to be ready to meet that challenge.

The number one path to happiness is health.

Nowadays almost everyone has health related problems. We neglect our bodies so we can get other things done in daily life. We can’t be productive, successful and happy if we are not healthy and strong.

Let’s be honest. Sickness makes us lonely because we can’t take part in activities we want to with our friends and loved ones. We might get angry because we may not be able to tie our shoelaces or do simple household chores. Who enjoys being around angry people that bath in self-pity?

We have to understand, that we are probably in this situation because of the (unconscious) choices we make. Disease like diabetes Type 2 is caused by poor diet and poor lifestyle choices. Your doctor can help you manage the situation with medication. But no medication can take the place of a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you want to change the situation for the better you need a fresh approach.

Many things have an impact on our health.

It’s not just limited to dietary choices. Lifestyle factors and our mind also play an important role in achieving happiness and success. There are many things in our daily life that we may not realize cause health issues such as:

  • Exposure to chemicals in our food (pesticides, preservatives, food color, emulsifier), cleaning products, cosmetic and the environment (mercury amalgams filling, chlorine in our water supply, air pollution)

  • Faulty digestion

  • Stress

  • Lack of activity

  • Lack of rest and sleep

  • Negative thoughts

We can decrease the body’s burden

  1. with reducing exposure to toxins and
  2. increasing factors that contribute to good health and happiness.

The road to happiness and health begins with small, lasting contributions towards your wellbeing. But you really have to mean it. You have to be serious. You have to stop thinking about being healthier. You have to commit to CHANGE. From there it is about one small baby step at a time.

Making Ernst is about

  • Recommendations in the area of nutrition, lifestyle, body and mind

  • Easy and realistic steps that everyone can implement in their daily busy life’s

  • Encouraging and educating individuals to make their own informed decisions

  • Making a commitment, having fun and enjoying the rewards

  • Achieving better health, which is vital for happiness

  • Changes that last a lifetime

What Making Ernst is NOT

  • A wonder pill that promises change over night

  • A diet program that one can follow for two weeks or so

  • A one fits all approach

  • About restriction, starvation and deprivation

You maybe wondering what I mean by “Making Ernst”?

It is the German expression “Ernst machen” meaning:


Definition making Ernst healthy and happy living