Sugar cravings after a meal? How to fight them off.

Sugar cravings licorice root candy

When I’m out dining my first glance at the menu goes straight to the dessert section. If there is no dessert option (or just an uninspiring version of Costco ice cream) you will see a disappointed face and dropping shoulders. A meal is not a meal without a sweet finish. At home a tiny square […]

Whole grain or whole wheat bread – the fine difference

whole wheat grain bread

Be prepared. You are about to get a scientific bread degree. You will be introduced to the fine but important difference between whole wheat bread and whole grain bread. It’s going to be a bit complicated. It’s the strategy of the bread makers (I won’t call them bakers). Their goal is to confuse you. You […]

Health threat: How to develop antibiotic resistance bacteria

resistant bacteria antibiotics

If I say the word “antibiotic resistance bacteria” you will probably wrinkle your face in disgust and run for the next hand sanitizer. If you ever watched the TV show “24” you know Jack Bauer. He is a fighter who is always adapting his strategy to new threats. Both, Jack and antibiotic resistance bacteria have […]

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar?

sugar sign

Who is to blame when we are addicted to sugar? I’m a nutritionist. So from all the people in the world I should know better. And I do. And you do too. Sometimes it just seems so hard not to. I’m talking about sugary gifts. I know that refined sugar carries absolute zero health benefits. […]