Milk is for babies? A review of the nutritional information

cows milk glass bottle

Milk was the first food every one of us enjoyed in our lives. It was always custom-made and fresh. It had the perfect temperature and the nutritional content was tailored to our needs. It was served immediately upon request and sometimes came with a soothing rocking chair motion. When there was milk, there was mom […]

Spring detox for better health – Part 2

Juice cleanse detox

In case you’ve missed my detox adventure and ordeal during the first two days of my juice cleanse, I recommend you start here with Day 1 and Day 2. Day 3 or where my pulse drops and I become the Duracell bunny If I would have been smart and would have picked the 3 day […]

I have abnormal cells in my cervix. What’s wrong with you?

Health issues

Health responsibility. I know someone with back pain. The same person also has knee pain. Another friend is pre-diabetic. I know someone with insomnia, with acne, with brain fog. I know someone with a beer belly and trouble losing weight and someone with a herniated disk. I know someone with colitis and someone with Crohn’s […]

27 things you can do for a daily detox

Detox daily, Healthy

Ok, after this blog post we are now a little suspicious, that a toxin build-up is responsible for our weight gain and brain fog. What you can do for daily detox. First of all we can try to reduce the amount of new toxins coming in. That will give the body some time to catch […]

Weight gain and brain fog are signs you might need to detox

Brain fog, detox

After this crazy event Germans really should be detoxing. On November 11th at 11:11 am of each year a hard to explain event, starts in Germany (and I guess in Austria and Switzerland). It’s called “Fasching”, “Karneval” or “Fastnacht” and is considered the 5th season of the year. A mock government of eleven guilds along […]